Alan Created Over 10,000 Jobs

Alan is credible and has significant experience and a distinguished and successful professional career in both the private and public sectors in Ghana and abroad, spanning a period of 30 years.

He has convinced world leaders to agree to an African common market which will dramatically improve the African economy. His track record shows that when given the opportunity to lead the NPP he has the blue print needed to create an economic turnaround in Ghana. He has done it before and he can do it again.

Hon. Alan Kyerematen a leading contender for the NPP flagbearship race believes that job creation is critical to Ghana’s economic recovery and it will come from diversification of its export base. ”The PSI initiatives on textiles and garments, palm oil, industrial starch from cassava and salt should be actively supported under the public-private partnership arrangements”.

Alan’s proven success involves reviving the Oil Palm industry in Ghana by achieving a phenomenal growth in seedlings’ supply from 250,000 seedlings per annum in 2001 to four (4) million as at the end of 2004. Over 102,000 hectares of Oil palm plantation have been cultivated. This created over 10,000 jobs for Ghanaians.

Also, Alan built $8.5 million state-of-the-art factory at Ayensu to produce high grade industrial starch from cassava for export to key markets in Europe, Africa and Asia. The starch initiative created over 10,000 jobs for Ghanaians. It must also be noted that, the Ayensu Starch factory has been bought by the Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) this year to produce beer for consumption.

Alan with his wealth of experience and expertise will provide jobs to Ghanaians by spearheading initiatives for the development and promotion of small and medium enterprises across the country. He will create the platform where people are equipped with the relevant skills to establish and succeed in their respective businesses.

The recent labour agitations shows that the country needs an action-oriented transformational leader like Alan to deliver on the promise of securing jobs, opportunity and prosperity for Ghanaians.

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