XCLUSIV FOTOS: "I Have Not Told Anybody That I Met The Royal Family"- Herty Borngreat

After a photograph of Ghanaian gospel singer, Herty Borngreat, and her husband, in a pose with the Queen of England and her Royal family went viral on social media, she has finally come to explain how the perceived historic picture came about.

Speaking on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana” from her current base in London, Herty has explained that is was a life-like waxed figure of the Queen of England and her Royal family at the Madame Tussauds museum in London, adding that she never mentioned anywhere that she met the real royal family.

“The pictures were taken at the Madame Tussauds museum in London because my children requested for it and the place is very close to where we live in London. I have not told anybody that I took the picture with the Queen of England”.

According Herty the Madame Tussauds museum has waxed figures of several world renowned people stressing that she and her family posed with wax sculptures of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Pope Francis, Desmond Tutu, Whoopi Goldberg and other renowned world leaders they had admiration for.

The photos was first published on the musician’s facebook page, ‘Herty Borngreat Music’ and it caught the attention of some journalists who churned out news reports claiming that Herty had met the Queen, toured the Burkimham Palace and interacted with the Royal Family.

The publications generated uproar and huge controversy on whether Herty was using the photos with the wax images of the Royal family to deceive her fans that she had actually met the queen.

“It is very common for people to take photos with the wax figures of people in the museum and we also did same just like any other person. Yes, we put one of the photos on our social page and said, ‘God will position you in greater heights in life without much struggle…if you believe, type Amen.’ We did not say I met the Queen, so I am surprised people have taken this simple thing and are running with it in a negative way”.

Asked why she didn’t explain to her followers on social media after people started accusing of deceiving the public, Herty said Madam Tussauds is a very popular place known all over the world so she assumed that people knew about it.

“So if some journalists saw the photos on my facebook page and decided to write stories saying I had met the Queen and taken a tour of Burkimham Palace, why am I the one receiving the insults when I have neither granted any interview nor said anywhere I had met the Queen,”.

Herty stated that if anybody has anything to say about her they are free to do but they shouldn’t involve her family. “I understand that I am in showbiz and not everyone would like me. But taking the hate campaign to my husband and family is below the belt,” Herty added.

Herty Borngreat and her family are on holidays traveling from one country to the other. They have already visited Netherland, France Italy, USA and they are currently in the UK.