Have you seen the colourful train of dancers? We have reports of mobs of colourful dancers in leisure/recreation spots around town over the last weekend; from Surulere Shopping Mall to Silverbird Galleria. They keep asking the question: “what colout are you?”. What do you think they are about? See images below.

Silverbird Flash Mob Surulere Suru Lere Flash Mob Silverbird Galleria Yaba Tech Grafitti Canvass

Even some celebrities have joined the craze on twitter asking the same question #whatcolourareyou and actually declaring themselves to be a certain colour, check them out @iamseyishay, @yemialadee & @iamseantizzle.

Yes, we live in a colourful world. If you were a colour, what would it be; Fun-Orange, Passionate-Red or Youthful-Yellow?

To find out you can take the test.

Simply text Colour to 39405 and answer the simple questions @10naira per SMS

Or visit www.facebook.com/livelifeincolours, click the “what colour are you” tab to take the test.

You actually stand a chance to get an invite to the most colourful party in Lagos come August 8th. Now, wouldn’t you like to be a part of that?