Regional Ministers have become irrelevant – Dr. Samuel Tinagyei

Optometrist, Dr. Samuel Tinagyei says government must rethink the appointment of ministers to head the ten administrative regions as commitment to reducing the wage bill.

According to him, Regional Ministers have virtually become ‘irrelevant’ in the governance system as opposed to the roles being played by Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) as well as Parliamentarians at the various assemblies.

‘What exactly is the responsibility of regional ministers as opposed to DCEs, MCEs [and] MPs? What is their role,’ asked the author of the book ‘Smart Money’ on the Super Morning Show, Wednesday.

The creative content developer and poet noted: ‘That will be a sign of good faith that I [government] am committed to reducing my spending’.

He was on the Show together with Researcher, Lolan Sagoe-Moses to discuss a report of the recent National Economic Forum held in Senchi in the Eastern Region. He said government would save the fraught economy, if it took such decisive steps to run a lean government.

‘We are not producing much as we are spendingso we [government] need to immediately show good faith [to the people] by reducing your people.’

A breakdown of the ‘Senchi Report’ for easing understanding for the ordinary person, would do a lot of good, the 28-year-old Optometrist suggested.

‘The main ideas [in the report] have been shrouded in a lot of grammatical terms that might confuse a lot of people and that we need to break it down,’ he added.

Duplicating roles
On his part, Lolan Sagoe-Moses faulted government for compounding the financial woes of the country through the formation of committees to perform functions while people employed for similar purposes, sat idle, but got their salaries paid at the end of the month.

‘That defeats the purpose of reducing the wage bill,’ he noted.

Mr. Sagoe-Moses cited a publication on, dated Tuesday, July 29, suggesting government’s intention to institute a presidential taskforce to clamp down on landlords and property owners, who charged rent in foreign currencies.

On the same day, a newspaper, Business Day, also reported that the Rent Control Board, a state agency mandated to oversee issues of rent, was at the mercy of contractors whom it owes over GHÈ» 600,000.

These, the 23-year-old Researcher was certain, could have been avoided if the regulatory body had been resourced and adequately strengthened to protect consumers.

‘There’s an organization that is empowered to do this [so] fund it, put the right technical people in place and give it all the powers to do its job; don’t go and set up another committee, spend more money in order to correct our economic problems’. Story by Ghana | | Jerry Tsatro Mordy | [email protected]

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