Adina community moves to eradicate open defecation

To redeem their image, the people of Adina, a community in the Ketu South district of the Volta region, who are faced with open defecation, have decided to take steps to fight against the menace.   

In their efforts to completely rid the community of open defecation, elders of the community have allocated lands for the construction of toilet facilities to cater for the whole Adina township.

Assemblyman of the area, Doe Jumpey confirmed that a land has been allocated for two water closet facilities at Honukope, announcing that 7 more would be built.

‘The project is intended to be spread all over Adina community,’ he stressed, hoping it will put an end to indiscriminate defecation.

The assemblyman asserted that enough education and sensitization has been done and warned that anyone who is caught defecating at the beach after the completion of the toilet facilities will be prosecuted.

Speaking MultiTV’s sanitation oriented program ‘Clean Communities’ on JoyNews, the Ketu South Municipal Chief Executive, Pascal Lamptey, highlighted their challenges in dealing with sanitation in the municipality.

He mentioned the attitude of the people as paramount in dealing with the sanitation issue of the municipality.

‘We are working on the attitude of the people’, he declared.

The MCE explained, ‘if we are thinking of solving sanitation problems then the citizens must be part of whatever effort we are trying to put in place to make sure that these problems are solved When they get to understand the implications of their actions they get to appreciate the efforts being put in by the assembly.’

It has been made known to the people of the community that they are part of the problems and part of the solutions, he said.

Also, Pascal Lamptey said they have made efforts to encourage people to build toilet facilities in their homes to reduce the pressure on public toilet facilities.

He attributed the sanitation problems facing the country to the failure of the assemblies to enforce existing bye-laws on sanitation.

He however acknowledged that being part of the focus communities of MultiTV’s ‘Clean Communities’ has helped them fast track the effort to provide places of convenience for the community, and promised that the condition would be better improved next time the ‘Clean Communities’ team visits the community.

 ‘Clean Communities’ airs every Friday at 7 pm 

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