We Must Stay Fit And Healthy—Alan K

The health of a people is not only important to them but to the nation as well. Besides its impact on the quality of the individual’s life; the sum of our output as a nation is tied to our wellbeing. A healthier citizenry increases the level of productivity and growth of the economy.

Appreciating this, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in its second term commenced the National Health Insurance Scheme, to bring equality in health delivery. It ensures that the poor and vulnerable have easy access to health care while they are protected from its financial risks.

Mr Alan Kyerematen, a leading contender in the NPP primaries, recognises that there is yet much that should be done to make the scheme truly nationwide. ‘This scheme, however, does not absolve us of the responsibility to take good care of ourselves and reduce the chances of contracting diseases, especially, the easily avoidable kinds.’

Simple preventative health practises save lives, keep you healthy throughout the year, greatly reduce your visits to the hospital and relieve the pressure on our health facilities, he said, many of which already operate beyond their capacities.

Frequent workouts should be a part of our national character, he reasoned. Properly washing our hands after using the toilet should be our nature. ‘It is important for us to regularly exercise our body and most importantly check our diet to reduce the risk of falling ill’.

Each year, millions of people die preventable deaths and you don’t want to be one. Sadly, two such deaths have already been recorded from cholera and hundreds others have taken ill in what seems the latest cholera outbreak in Accra.

We must work to join the league of countries who have virtually eradicated this disease and others like it. This can be achieved if we take better care of ourselves and our environment.

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