Murtala Dares TUC Boss: Forfeit 10% Of Your Pay If You So Love Ghana

Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Murtala Mohammed, has challenged the Secretary General of the Trades Union Congress to forfeit 10% of his salary for workers wellbeing ‘if he so loves Ghana’ as the president and his ministers have done.

According to the deputy minister, although government appreciates the right of workers to demonstrate, it is unfair for Mr Kofi Asamoah and workers to create the impression as though the government is insensitive to their plight.

Thousands of workers across the country last Thursday, July 24, demonstrated to protest what they say is the worsening economic situation in the country.

Workers from both formal and informal sectors joined in the march to register their frustration at government’s failure to solve the many economic challenges including rising food and fuel prices, hikes in utilities, fall in cedi etc.

Commenting on the demonstration on Radio Gold’s ‘Alhaji and Alhaji’ Saturday, July 26, Murtala Mohammed said ‘this government shares the concerns of Ghanaians. when we had ‘dumsor-dumsor’, I don’t have generator set at home and am deputy minister of state, for the first time you have a government that says all appointees of the president should bear the full cost of their utility bills, the same government has slashed 10% of ministers salary and this thing as has been done’

‘Maybe, possibly the TUC boss could have also helped if he gives 10% of his salary, because he so loves Ghana and possibly urge other top civil servants to give some part of their allowances to support the situation’ he stated.

Murtala Mohammed said the government acknowledges the problem at hand and is working assiduously to improve living conditions in the country.

The issues are being ‘addressed’, he noted, adding, it will be unfair to say the government is insensitive.

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