Medical consultant demands global action to stop Ebola spread

A Medical Consultant with the New Crystal Hospital in Accra is urging the world health organization to lead a global action to stop spread of the Ebola disease.

According to Dr. Asante Darko the porous nature of many boundaries around the world especially in Africa makes transmission of the disease easy and fast.

His call is coming after Nigeria recorded its first case of Ebola with the infected Liberian confirmed dead.

Dr. Darko told Joy News, the World Health Organisation (WHO) must lead the way in guaranteeing global safety.

He said the Ebola disease ‘is a condition that has no cure and even as I speak, I don’t see how prepared we are as a nation or as the global community [to fight the disease] because mind you if the terrorist get hold of this particular Ebola virus, the terrorist could use it as a bio-terrorism agent and its quite worrying considering the fact that we don’t even have a cure for it.’

According to him, the basic precautions are that medical personnel must wear gowns and gloves, and the general public also make sure that ‘we don’t unnecessarily expose ourselves to such conditions. The Ebola virus could be spread through the air as well.’

Dr. Darko also cautioned Ghanaians to be wary of people from neighbouring countries who show signs of the disease.

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