Yvonne Okoro Punches Inna Patty Over Miss Ghana?

Popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro has thrown verbal punches into the air which some stakeholders believe are directed at Inna Patty, Chief Executive Officer of Exclusive Events over current negative vibes surrounding the Miss Ghana pageant.

Yvonne and Inna have not been friends since 2012 after their brawl over the 2012 Miss Ghana pageant.

After that event, Yvonne, whose sister Roseline Okoro competed in the pageant, tweeted, “Thanks to everyone who supported my sister, ever grateful, I had a dream of a better Ghana free from sexual bias and vote rigging..Maybe one day…kisses.”

Her tweet was interpreted as accusing the organisers of rigging the competition for the eventual winner.

Inna in her reply described Yvonne as “Ignorant,” when she said, “It shows that she is completely ignorant and does not know the definition of cheating. Ghanaians picked up the phone and voted and who voted? Rosaline Okoro [won the popular vote], do you call that rigging?”

But the ‘Contract’ actress seemed to have bounced following recent developments over the Miss Ghana pageant.

She tweeted on Tuesday July 22 at her sister Roseline, saying, “God will surely fight your battles for you. Finally everything I knew is coming out. Exploitation at its best #standup4urright @Roseline_Okoro.”

Even though she did not mention anybody’s name, indications were that she was referring to Inna over the current issues that have engulfed the Miss Ghana pageant.

Ghana at the moment does not have a representative for the Miss World competition as Miss Ghana 2013, Nana Akua Baafi and her two runners-up have resigned from their positions.

Reports say Miss Baafi is threatening to drag Exclusive Events to court over an official statement released by the company to the public, stripping her off her crown and other privileges.