Gov’t Delusional About True State Of Economy – Nduom

Dr Paa Kwasi Nduom

Dr Paa Kwasi Nduom

Dr Paa Kwasi Nduom
Flagbearer of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) in the 2012 elections, Dr Paa Kwasi Nduom, says government is refusing to come to terms with the true state of the Ghanaian economy.

According to Dr Nduom, recent economic decisions taken by the government expose a certain lack of appreciation of the real problem confronting the country.

Commenting on Thursday nationwide demonstration staged by Organised labour over what they described as worsening economic conditions, the former minister of Public Sector reforms under the erstwhile Kufour administration said ‘the realisation and recognition that something is wrong is part of it. If that has been recognised two or three years ago, then steps would have been taken to deal with them knowing that the problems that we have are not short term ones’.

He said government appears to be relying on unrealistic directives and orders to the public service in the hope of solving the problems instead of being pragmatic with the solution.

‘If you want to transform an economy, you don’t do it overnight. You have to decide every step of the way but you can’t issue orders and then you think that in two or three weeks the situation will change,’ he said.

Dr Nduom believes the government is being impatient with the approach in dealing with the recent financial quagmire that has hit the country.

‘The impatience with which people lead the country, when that happens it leads you into trouble because this situation will not be solved with a short term solution’ he observed.

He advised the government to accept that there is the need to develop a long-term strategy that will comprehensively deal with the problems facing the nation

He however cautioned the opposition parties in the country not to jubilate over the challenges confronting the government, noting that the best way to build a nation is to have all hands on deck.


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