Workers Spark Wild Protests At Game Shopping Centre, Accra Mall

Hundreds of shoppers who turned up at the Game shop in the Accra Mall, were left stranded due to a declared strike by the workers.The workers are protesting management’s failure to increase their salaries in the last 14 months.

Speaking to Citi News, the Vice Chairman of the Accra Mall Workers Union which is also affiliated to the Ghana Federation of Labour, Nana Ofori, described management’s attitude towards the workers as ‘inhuman.’

He accused management of Game of only increasing the salaries of top management by 10 percent while neglecting the lower ranks.

‘We currently have all the staff outside and the main aim is to show our displeasure towards management for not appreciating our hard work over a period of 14 months ‘

‘While management has received 10 percent increment last year from July we have not gotten anything up till now, ‘ he said.

Mr . Ofori stated that efforts to engage management in a negotiation had proved futile.

‘We are trying to engage the manager in a negotiation which he is unwilling to talk about’

He therefore stated that workers will continue with their demonstration until people know the reality on the ground.

‘We have our own problems and fortunately or unfortunately it has happened on a day that Organised Labour is demonstrating and showing its displeasure towards government. Tomorrow we are continuing. As to when it is going to end, I am not in the position to say that,’ he stated.

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