Will Alan Deliver Jobs For The People?

Mr Alan Kyerematen believes that resolving Ghana’s economic problems will be a boost to the private business community and increase job creation. This should lead to a reduction in the high levels of unemployment and under-employment in the country.

Mr Kyerematen, who is contesting the New Patriotic Party (NPP) primaries, told separate gatherings of delegates while on his Greater Accra campaign tour that every government must ensure that its people have sustainable gainful jobs.

‘Countries do not develop by taking hand-outs form other places but by attracting direct inflows for private investments and creating the right environment, like reducing the cost of capital, for local businesses to grow and expand,’ he said.

As a distinguished politician and businessman, Mr Kyerematen, has demonstrated his ability to create jobs and wealth for people. In his days at EMPRETEC, he helped a lot of people across the country to create small-scale enterprises. This became a successful model and was spread throughout Africa.

As the Minister for Trade, Industry and PSI, he initiated a lot of programs that delivered 1000s of jobs to the people. He said the cassava, oil palm and garment initiatives, which are often falsely criticised, have created profitable and sustainable jobs for over 10,000 people.

The expansion of these initiatives and the creation of new ones guarantee massive job opportunities for Ghanaians.

Mr Kyerematen was headhunted by the UN to bring his expertise in economics and job creation to bear in formulating and delivering programmes for African growth. He led the African Trade Policy Centre (ATPC) to strengthen the capacities of African governments, for better trade negotiations.

He said, he is ready and able to bring Ghana to the forefront of African trade; creating a stronger economy that better feeds the Ghanaian people.

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