Don’t Patronize Winter Tyres-Motorists Urged

Sarfraj Nawaz Muiz (Left) and Carsten H.R. Duwer (Second left) interacting with journalists.

Sarfraj Nawaz Muiz (Left) and Carsten H.R. Duwer (Second left) interacting with journalists.

Sarfraj Nawaz Muiz (Left) and Carsten H.R.  Duwer (Second left) interacting with journalists.

Motorists across the country have been urged to stop the patronage of tyres that are specifically designed for the winter season.

Head of Tyre Department at C. Woermann Ghana Limited, a German corporation that sells tyres, folklifts and generators, Sarfraj Nawaz Muiz made the call on Wednesday in Accra at the official opening of the largest Michelin Tyre Service Center in Ghana. He said winter tyres were not suitable for the Ghanaian environment.

According to him, such tyres were specifically designed for the European and American markets because they come with no mileage.

Motorists using winter tyres in a country like Ghana with no winter season are risking their lives by doing so, Mr. Nawaz Muiz indicated.

‘This is because summer tyres have mileage and they are suitable for the Ghanaian weather as well, unlike the winter tyres, which have only traction but no mileage.’

‘Winter tyres are solely meant for people in snow regions and are not good for the Ghanaian environment,’ he added.

He also stated that most of the winter tyres do not meet international safety and quality standards.

Mr. Nawaz Muiz called on all stakeholders to create awareness among motorists in the country on the dangers associated with the use of second-hand tyres.

Touching on 25 years of trade relationship between C. Woermann and Michelin, a French firm that manufactures tyres, the Managing Director of the German firm, Carsten H.R.  Duwer said C. Woermann is the official importer of Michelin products in the country.

He indicated that his outfit has two branches in Kumasi and Accra with several sales outlets.

According to him, C. Woermann had survived the competition in the Ghanaian market for over 60 years due to its commitment to offering quality services to customers.

‘We are poised to rolling out more quality services for our customers in the country.’

BY Melvin Tarlue

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