DCE Fingered In Road Toll Fraud

Commercial drivers and motorists are accusing the Police Commander and the District Chief Executive of Amanten-Atebubu, Hon. Sampson Owusu Boateng, for extorting monies from drivers using the road stretch from Amanten through Yeji to Northen Ghana.

The drivers allege that the DCE as Chairman of DISSEC has mounted a metal barriers as ‘toll booth’ and using the police as ‘toll collectors’ on the road from Amanten to Atebubu.

They believe the DCE forcibly wants to make it part of the assembly source of Internally Generated Funds.

Explaining the modus operandi, a commercial driver Yusif Adamu explained, “if you reach there, all the police do is to take the money, depending on the vehicle you are using.”

“They take from Gh5 to 10Gh for long vehicles and heavy trucks, Gh2 to 4gh for ‘ovans’ popularly known as ‘San Youn’ and 207 trucks, and the normally Gh1 for cab”

Kwame Fosuh a 207 vehicle driver wondered why a toll will be collected on a project funded by the taxpayer. Adamant drivers have their licenses seized and intimidated.

“If you refuse to pay the police will collect your licence until you pay,” the worried driver claimed.

However, Honourable Sampson Boateng refuted the allegations describing it as “new” claims which he knows absolutely zilch about.

He explained, “those barriers mounted on the road are identified hotspot for armed robbery and we are about mounting more in the district until we curb armed robbery and other violent acts in the district.”

Hon. Sampson stated that the police is there to maintain law and order, check driver’s licences and vehicles and he has no idea of ‘toll collection.’

He, however, promised to look into the allegations but implored people especially drivers to feel at ease to use the road.

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