We Need Ecobank, Commercial Bank, ADB And Co In Wasa Amenfi East District….

We, the Wasa Amenfi East Students Union (WAESU) are students front from all levels of education in the country, who hail from Wasa Amenfi East District. Our aim is to promote education and development in all the three Amenfi districts. We have observed with much concern that, the Wasa Amenfi East District in the western with land size of 1600 sq km, and population of over 109,612 according to 2010 population census data, cannot boast of any major bank operating in the district. As a very productive cocoa growing area and active mining area, one cannot fathom or appreciate the fact that, there is no major financial institution or bank operating to deliver quality banking services to the people.

There is only one Rural Bank operating as a monopoly from the past 20 years. Currently it has two offices in Wasa Akropong the district capital and other branch offices in Afransie and Bawdie, just to mention few. There is booming economic activity which demands proper attention from the major financial institutions or Banks in the country,that should encourage them to extend their branches to operate in our district.

Government workers in the district would have to travel a long way to Dunkwa,Obuasi, Bogoso or Tarkwa in order to receive their salaries through either the Ghana commercial Bank, Barclays Bank, ADB, Eco bank or any other bank.

Students have to go through a hectic time travelling from their towns on one of the poorest roads in Ghana, to the towns mentioned to pay their fees through the said banks.

Traders who go to kumasi for market are mostly attacked by armed robbers on their way because they keep huge sums of money on them. Not more than two months ago, Some traders were attacked along the jedua to Jukwa road in the district, whereby one pregnant woman was shot dead and other two severely injured.

Our research reveals that, 85% of workers in the district are ready and willing to transact business with any of the major Banks that intend to operate in the Wasa Amenfi East District. Majority of farmers, traders,government workers and miners are fed up with the old Rural Bank due to its poor services, high interest rates and charges, exploitation and lack of competition among others.

It is our conviction that the establishment of more banks would create employment for our colleague graduates who are still unemployed. Also it will reduce the burden involved in the transaction of money between our traders and their clients, government and workers. It will also help our cocoa farmers secure loans to invest in their farms to increase productivity. All these we believe, would promote rapid growth and development in the district.

We are therefore appealing to the managers of these major financial institutions in the country (ie Ghana commercial Bank, Barclays Bank, Ecobank, ADB , Stanbic Bank SGSSB ) to as a matter of urgency, extend or set up their branches in the Wasa Amenfi East District inorder to help reduce our burden and promote development.

Long live Ghana!

Long live Amenfi East


Clement Taylor


Paul k Gyan

054 827 0430

Finance Secretary

F.K Kumah


Public Relations

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