Review Constitution To Save Central Bank From Government Manipulations

The constitutional review and implementation committee has stipulated measures to prevent what it terms as the manipulation of the central bank.

The committee points some level of interference in the operations of the Bank of Ghana by successive governments.

Experts say though the Bank seems independent in its operations, it stands the risk of manipulations, especially in times of economic challenges.

The committee has therefore stipulated the independence of the central bank and other institutions such as statistical services in the constitution to prevent future manipulations.

The constitutional review and implementation committee also points at the ailing economy as the reason most Ghanaians especially the youth entering politics.

The committee is worried politics has become an avenue for employment a significant number of the youth.

According to the committee, what is termed ‘winner-takes-all-syndrome’ will also not be a cause to worry if the economy works effectively.

Member of the committee, Dr. Gyesika Agambila therefore believes the various additions to the constitution would contribute to changing the trend.

The exercise of the committee in recent weeks has come under a lot of criticisms and backlash by some lawyers raising questions about their work.

Chairman, Professor Emmanuel Victor Dankwah has further debunked claims the committee’s recommendations does not reflect the ordinary Ghanaian plights.

They explained these at a regional stakeholder meeting in Kumasi.

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