MAC’s “Bring Back Our Normal Ghana” Demonstration Rescheduled

The Mass Action Committee (MAC) wishes to inform the general public that the decision by organized labour to embark on a nation-wide demonstration has necessitated a change in the Committee’s plan to undertake a similar exercise on the same day in Accra.

It is imperative to state that, MAC had planned to embark on a demonstration christened “Bring Back Our Normal Ghana” on the 24th of July, 2014 to ventilate the many germane concerns of ordinary Ghanaians and to drum forward their cry for a “normal Ghana”.

In choosing the date, the Committee had no prior information about organized labour’s planned action. And since we are advocating for relatively the same things, the Committee has in solidarity with our comrades from organized labour, agreed to postpone our demonstration to 5th August 2014.

We accordingly wish to assure our comrades on the labour front that, they have our unconditional support. And that we shall be with them all through their demonstration. Meanwhile, we also wish to use this opportunity to extend invitation to all well-meaning Ghanaians especially our colleagues in organized labour to participate in the “Bring Back Our Normal Ghana” demonstration which has been rescheduled for 5th August, 2014.

The struggle for the rescue of our republic from hardship, is a collective one and must be waged as such. To this end, we are entreating all Ghanaians i.e. teachers, students, traders, business men and women, farmers, nurses, doctors, artisans, politicians, Civil Society Organizations, lawyers, journalists etc. to note the date and accordingly grace this all important national exercise with their loud participation.


Atik Mohammed