I’m Not Finished Yet – Powers

Ayittey Powers claims he has a few scores to settle before he returns to Australia to continue with his career.

The boxer who lost his last fight against sworn rival ‘Bukom Banku’ believes he needs to give his fans one very good fight before returning to Australia adding that he wishes to face ‘Banku’ again in the second round of the ‘Judgment Day’ bout.

“I will return to Australia before the year ends to continue with my career, but like I said, my manager is looking for opponent for me to have one good fight here in Ghana before I leave” Powers told sportscrusader.com.

He insisted that he went contrary to the directions of his spiritual father (TB Joshua), hence his loss to ‘Bukom Banku’ adding that since then, he has been in communicating with him on his future in boxing and would hence forth, not make any decision without first consulting the Nigeria based Prophet.

“Like I said, it was a big mistake to have fought or signed that contract without consulting him. I did that and look at the disgrace I brought upon myself. I have learnt a bitter lesson and that is why I want to appease my fans here in Ghana with one more fight before I leave.”

On his preferred opponent, Powers mentioned that he was ready for anyone, but will prefer a rematch of the ‘Judgment Day’ fight with ‘Banku’.

“I know my fans are disappointed with me for the manner in which I lost that fight and I have something to prove to them. I am ready for whoever my managers get for me, but if I had my way, I will have wished for a rematch between ‘Banku’ and I.”