I Feel Extremely Sad At How the Media Treats Me – GFA Spokesman Saanie Daara

Ghana Football Association communications Director Ibrahim Saani Daara says he feels ‘extremely disappointed in the way the Ghanaian media has treated him despite the honesty and warm relationship he has tried to build with the press.

The GFA spokesperson feels he has done enough to deserve commendations and acknowledgement than the usual criticisms of his style of operation.

The award-winning journalist quit his job at the BBC in January 2012 to head the newly-created communications division within the GFA but says he might quit his current job as well ‘at some point’.

“It is so sad, I feel extremely sad”. Saani Daara said.

“I don’t want to compare my administration to anyone else but you all must compare what has happened in the past and make your judgement”.

“Look at the relationship I have created between us, look at the opportunities we have created for some of you who don’t travel to tournaments to have audio interviews and all that”.

“Look at the honesty and selflessness with which I have served you all the time, I have to wake up at 4am to start granting interviews to every radio station regardless of the status and still the media don’t seem to realise my service”.

“Sometimes I’m honest to let them know what I know and what I don’t know but the person will still want to pin you as to why you don’t have any knowledge about an issue with the FA but I’m not a repository of knowledge”.

“At a point, I will leave the job, at a point I will leave this job”. He concluded.

Mr. Sannie is one of Ghana’s famous football journalists having worked for the BBC for eight years and has a huge experience on the local media scene.