Nationwide Strike Won’t Solve Problems—Haruna Iddrisu To Organised Labour

The Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Haruna Iddrisu has told Citi News the planned-nationwide protest by Organized Labour will do little to address their concerns.

‘I am convinced that a strike will not resolve those concerns and grievances that they have been articulated,’ he remarked.

Organized Labour has admonished its members to stay away from work and join a nationwide demonstration on Thursday.

The move is to express the displeasure of labour over government’s decisions and the worsening economic situation in the country.

The Minister is scheduled to meet the leadership of Organized Labour on Monday over the issue but in an earlier interview with Citi News, Mr. Iddrisu said government has taken steps to address their issues.

He disclosed that his outfit has requested the group to reconsider its decision ‘and dialogue with government to find an amicable solution to the problem.’

According to him, the planned nationwide strike will only cause low productivity and financial cost to the state which will subsequently affect the economy they are protesting against.

The sector Minister mentioned that the resolution of the concerns raised by Organized Labour ‘are contingent on an improved performance of the national economy.’

Regarding the issue of fuel subsidies, Mr. Iddrisu indicated that the matter is being considered so as not to ‘deepen the deficitThere are some fiscal measures that are being put in place.’

He acknowledged the efforts made by his predecessor and the Finance Ministry to address the grievances of labour unions in Ghana.

He insisted that a sit-down strike will not address the concerns of organized labour and appealed to the leadership of the group to approach the scheduled meeting to with an open mind to help find a resolution to their concerns.

In a related development, a labour economist at the University of Ghana wants government to be more proactive in addressing the concerns of workers through the National Tripartite Committee.

According to Dr. William Baah-Boateng, government’s continuous meeting of individual labour organizations over their concerns is wrong.

He said many of the labour unrests could be resolved easily if the National Tripartite committee is allowed to dialogue with the labour unions.

He urged the government to allow the workers to go on strike on Thursday to bring out their grievances because it is their legitimate right and ‘government will then sit back and look at how to deal with all these collectively.’

Dr. Baah-Boateng pointed out that if the government continues to apply ‘fire fighting approach’ by meeting the various labour unions individually, matters will not be resolved and strikes will continue.

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