GodSent Foundation Launches ‘Saved from the Street’

The GodSent Foundation Ghana a Ghanaian based NGO has in partnership with EcoLibrary – Ghana, initiated another amazing project dubbed;’Saved from the Street’. Ranked as the ultimate remedy to eradicate Top MDGs such as poverty and illiteracy in Africa, Saved From the Street tends to gradually eliminate streetism and street-child acts in both rural and urban areas. This will create a platform to support victims through formal education and skills development.

With proven records of other projects, the Save From Then Street initiative will take course through analytic investigative processes where Victims will be screened And interviewed sharing their backgrounds, experiences and aspirations.

This will give the opportunity to educate parents and the world on the dangerous effects of streetism on the African Child. The Project will run throughout the Country, onto the Continent, and to the whole

world, with publicity through all possible media channels such as Print, Televisions, Radio and the Internet with positive messages and will last till the goal of eradicating streetism and poverty in Africa

is achieved.
To Sponsor, Partner, Volunteer or get more info on how to get involved and any other enquiries, the general public is invited to Contact the team/­ Joseph Donkor through: [email protected] gmail.com,

[email protected]­mail.com or 233 (0) 277 210 991, 233 (0) 573 596 869 and through Whatsapp on 233 (0) 545 250 811.

Thank You
Akpah Prince
[email protected]

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