Economic hardship may breed learned armed robbers – Labour consultant

Labour consultant, Kwesi Danso Acheampong has indicated that the current economic difficulties in the country may breed ‘very learned armed robbers.’

He told Joy Newsnite Monday the government’s failure to address the ongoing labour impasse, would compel them to use their ‘sophisticated minds’ to satisfy their frustrations.

Mr. Acheampong continued there have not been avenues for job creation and the existing ones may be folding up because of high corporate taxes.

As a result, the graduates would not be in the position to secure job opportunities.

Moreover, he stated the ever increasing agitations by Organized Labour were indicative of bad governance in the country.

The Consultant, however, advised the government to meet the leadership of Organized Labour in order to find lasting solutions to the plights of workers else, it should brace itself for more agitations.

Over 500 workers of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) hit the streets Monday protesting harsh living conditions in the country.

They chanted and blamed the government for their poor living conditions.

Also, they cited increasing fall of the local currency, hikes in utility and fuel prices all of which have cumulatively made life uncomfortable for them.

Given the current situation in the economy, the angry workers project over 4,000 workers may lose their jobs in September 2014.

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