Ahenenanahene Marks 1st Anniversary

Medical officer educating the public
The Ahenenanahene of the Ofori Panin Stool, Barima Kwaku Dua, aka BKD, has called for the creation of jobs for the teeming youth to address illegal mining in the Kyebi area.

Illegal mining, otherwise known as ‘galamsey,’ which has become a major issue in Kyebi and its environs, has led to the pollution water bodies in the area.

BKD said the youth were engaged in ‘galamsey’ due to the lack of employment opportunities.

‘If jobs are created for them, then they will get out of galamsey and our water will be safe,’ he noted.

He stated that he would do everything possible to support the Okyenhene, his boss, to ensure the eradication of galamsey by ensuring that the youth of Kyebi obtain decent employment.

The chief disclosed this while answering questions posed by the media at a health screening exercise, which formed part of activities marking the first anniversary of his installation as Ahenenanahene.

‘I supported the health screening for my community on such occasion because a country’s wealth is largely dependent on the health of its people.

‘The wealth of a nation is the health of a nation,’ he opined, stressing that to produce illustrious citizens, health must be prioritize.

At about 3:00pm on Saturday, about 500 persons had been screened for various ailments including hypertension, Malaria, eye and dental problems.

The 65-member medical team was expecting over thousand people to take part in the exercise.

Barima Kwaku Dua urged the youth of Okyenman to work hard and not lose faith.

He assured them that he would do everything possible to transform Kyebi, adding, ‘We want to turn Kyebi into a first class town.’

Dr. Ray Kakraba-Quarshie of the Kole-Bu Trauma Centre, who led the medical team, said they only gave primary care and referred persons with severe conditions to the hospitals.

He explained that the medical team gave medication to some patients suffering from hypertension and asked them to go to the hospital after two weeks.

Dr. Kakraba-Quarshie noted that prior to the screening exercise, the team educated the public on certain infectious diseases like cholera and how to prevent such contagious ailments.

Asked if they gave information on the dreadful Ebola fever, he said the people were not even aware of the prevalence of Ebola in the area.

He advised people to take their health seriously and go for regular medical check-ups.

A street jamboree was held to end Saturday’s activities.

Preceding the dance was a football gala at Oman Park.

Four teams, including Ahenenananom Eleven, Newtown Eleven, Zongo Eleven and Ahenbrono locked horns in fierce contest.

Ahenenananom in final defeated Zongo Eleven to emerge winners of the competition.

Newtown placed third while Ahenbrono took the 4th prize.

The Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin presented a brand new silver cup and a football to the winners while the rest took cash prizes.

Barima Kwaku Dua was installed as Ahenenanahene of the Ofori Panin Stool on July 18 2013 after the then Ahenenanahene, Barima Kwadwo Dua Beyeeman was elevated to the position of Sanaahene of Akyem.

Ahenenanahene Barima Kwaku Dua is responsible for ensuring the welfare of all grand children connected to the Ofori Panin Stool of Akyem and also coordinate their activities.

He has performed creditably to foster peace among the youth and the entire Okyenman.

From Rocklyn Antonio, Kyebi

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