A Conversation With My Uncle Larry Gbevlo-Lartey

Larry Gbevlo-Lartey: Have you abandoned ship à l’occupation or you taking it to Wall Street? Just be careful there oo. Lol.

Franklin Cudjoe: Uncle Larry, I have been monitoring your comments on the walls of some champions and fans of the Occupy movement and whilst the sarcasm in me applauds some of the comments, a reflective part of me says I should say the following to you. I was expecting you to provide moral support to banish the mundane from our polity.

Pray, such crass incompetence in the military would not have been countenanced. Junior Officers speak up against the bedlam perpetrated by the Seniors and when care is not taken, a mutiny follows, a PNDC is formed, a 64 Infantry battalion is born and given all the powers of state capture and for twenty something years, our wishes for a prosperous nation are tied with the whimsical and capricious young man, oozing with uncontrolled adrenalin and baying for the blood of perceived owners of realty.

Many are maimed, killed or exiled. Then a cosmetic constitutional state is born and the parody of a democracy is born. All the actors in pre-civilisation ala PNDC become owners of wealth run the economy into ditch from a significant height and then we needed to rebuild again after decades. Something like a silver lining is born in the midst of aggravated doom and gloom rained on us by misadventure we all took for optimism, populist optimism, but turned out to be baseless optimism.

Now, Colonel, the disciples of a certain unknown cantankerous wing of that misadventure blessed with electoral illiteracy make it again to State House and we applaud because they are young, hippie, with ipadic and iphonic swag.

They don’t last years in oozing tons of myopia and discordant policy tunes, as was with their predecessors, but supervise loot, create some scams, and share the spoils, but also provide a sober world with undeserved jokes such as flying $3m in Colombian-drug cartel style and then asks us all to help build the tatters whilst it lavishes on Chiefs with very expensive cars, soothsayers with bread and wine and everyone else suffering poison. Col., join those who have been poisoned but still refusing to die to keep the sinking ship afloat. Col., wear red next Friday if the campaign is still on. Do not rain on the parade, Sir.

Respectfully yours,

Franklin Cudjoe
Founding President & CEO, IMANI