Mahama’s Reshuffle Shows A President Willing To Work With His Critics

Deputy Minister for Communication, Information and Media Relations, Felix Kwakye Ofosu has described the latest Ministerial reshuffle by President John Mahama as a remarkable departure from the past.

He indicated that ‘The reshuffle was one of the most anticipated events on the governance calendar. Indeed there was no Ghanaian who was not looking forward to hearing the final list from his Excellency President John Mahama’.

He believes the President has done his part, saying that the onus now lies on the appointees to deliver on their portfolios to justify the trust that his Excellency the President has reposed in them.

In an interview with Radio Gold’s Alhassan Suhuyini on Alhaji and Alhaji Saturday, Felix Kwakye Ofosu stated that ‘the President kept his cards close to his chest and dictated the pace in this particular exercise’.

To him, it is evident from the inventory that lots of contemplation went into the naming of the individuals on that list.

He maintained that the list is an obvious indication that President Mahama is a leader who is enthused to give opportunity to people from varied destination.

‘This clearly shows a president who is willing to tap the expertise of all Ghanaians to help move the nation forward. It shows a president who is willing to include people who may have disagreed with him, criticized him or his party in the past’, he pointed out.

He observed that the list also divulged an excellent intermingle of experience and longevity, adding that it would be complex for a nation to develop without falling back on the vast knowledge and experience of individuals who have being there before.

‘These are people who have being around for quite some time There are also some who are relatively unknown on the political radar but none the less, they have performed creditably in their areas of endeavor’, he noted.

According to him, what appears apparent from this upsurge is that President Mahama is determined to accelerate the velocity of rolling out his agenda.

The Deputy Minister further noted that ‘the president is concerned about the need to inject some dynamism and expedited actions in the delivery on the mandate that the people of Ghana has bestowed on him.

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