“Some Event Organisers Are Jokers”-Nabil

According to the boss of Event Factory Ghana Limited, an event company in Ghana, Mr Alhassan Nabil simply known in the showbiz fraternity as Nabil, even organisers in Ghana are not serious minded and can be likened to ‘jokers’.

“I went to Cape Town Jams Festival in South Africa and I respected the organisers for starting the set ups and sound checks three weeks before the event day. This shows how brilliant and serious they are with the event because when you do this, it helps you cross check the lightning, sound and the stage at large” he noted.

He shared this thought during an interview on Pluzz 89.9 FM’s morning show ‘AM Pluzz’ hosted by Sammy Flex. Event factory is an event Production Company based in Ghana with rich technical and even production support systems such as stage, lights, set design, venue sourcing, sound, artistes booking among others. When asked if Ghanaian event organisers use the right equipment for their programmes, Nabil answered:

“Yes we do have the necessary equipment to spice up our events. For instance, when we did the Chris Brown show, many folks thought the things we used were flown from outside but everything you saw on that night was supplied right here in Ghana, so it depends on the event organisers. When they provide enough capital we will also deliver a good service. That is one thing we lack here and that is affecting our work.”

As regards the correct duration for preparing for a show, Nabil said that indoors events ideally start three days before the event nigh. He explained that the organiser has to pay for the venue for these three days for the set up. This gives room for artistes to have ample time to rehearse and for the organisers to also put their equipment in check.

“However, I don’t blame the event organiser too much because sometimes the venue you want to rent has been booked till maybe a day or two before your event date, so sometimes it is not the event organiser who need to be blamed but also the lack of events venues also plays a major role in the flopping of our events” he added.