Maxmart—A Promise of Shopping Excellence

Sometime soon, The Maxmart Mall will be unveiled at 37 where, currently, renovation, expansion and construction works are ongoing. Management has consoled the slightly inconvenienced customer with enticing offers and promotions, especially in this Holy month of Ramadan, and beyond.

With over fifteen thousand different brands of items and an array of prices to suit all tastes and pockets, a customer is pampered with hundreds of items on discount and other pocket-friendly tags.

Even in trying times of economic stagnation and hardship as we are enduring in Ghana, Maxmart continues to serve Ghanaians with a ‘better shopping agenda’.

In a bid to sensitise customers and shoppers, Maxmart is embarking on several workshops to assist in the dissemination of important information that should clear the air on pricing strategies and other challenges in the industry.

‘It is not as lucrative as it seems,especially, these days of unstable currency and difficult fiscal circumstances’, said one informed client who was sympathetic with Maxmart, ‘Kudos to you for holding on’, she summed it up comfortingly.

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