Ghana is a vibrant country with huge potential – UK High Commissioner

The new United Kingdom High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Jon Benjamin, has described Ghana as a vibrant country with a huge potential.

Many Ghanaians believe Ghana is on a downward spiral with many of its economic indicators giving managers of the economy a huge cause for concern.

Government has admitted things are tough but flatly rejects any notions that the country is in crisis.

It says home-grown solutions to the economic challenges, being implemented by government are yielding the desired solutions, albeit slowly.

Mr. Jon Benjamin believes Ghana which he says has ‘a network of relationship with the UK which is second to none,’ is a country of great potential.

He wants to take Ghana-UK relations to new heights and enhance the economic development cooperation between the two countries.

‘As Ghana moves on and up with its middle income status and hopefully consolidates that, we are looking for much bigger trade between the two countries,’ he said.

Trade in goods and services between Ghana and UK, according to him, has reached a billion Pounds a year ‘which is very impressive and there is a lot more potential.’

The High Commissioner said he is working with his Ghanaian counterpart in London, Victor Smith, to try and encourage Ghanaians living in the UK to invest in Ghana.

He praised Ghana for its ‘fantastic record in UN peacekeeping,’ and assured the UK will continue to provide support in the area of training at the Kofi Annan Peace-Keeping Training Centre (KAPTC) at Teshie in Accra.

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