Effutu PPP To Embark On Demonstration

On Saturday, July 19, 2014 Effutu PPP executives, party sympathizers and supporters will congregate in front of Dukes filling station close to Vodafone premise between the hours of 8 in the morning to demonstrate and protest against the numerous economic woes/challenges and irresponsible governance by the current leadership under the theme “Ya BrƐ” We are tired.

The demonstration is to remind the President to sit up or step down as soon as possible because he cannot manage the affairs of this country. We as PPP will continue to create awareness through series of organised platforms to seek the common interests of the good people of our nation, Ghana. All is never well, things are getting out of hand, the rapidly deteriorating economic situations, constant increases in taxes and tarrifs,non- payment of university/shs subventions, non-payment of getfund, NHIS is collapsing and amongst others.

This government is a total disgrace to Ghanaians and he MUST GO. Not even one sector of the economy is doing well. More questions that one will ask are: where is the oil money? Where is the university/SHS subvention money? Where is the coacoa money? Where is the gold money? Where are the taxes and tariffs increment money? The government has taken so much loan, where are the projects that those loans were invested into? 15% inflation, why? NO evidence to prove that President Mahama and his government are doing well. In fact, they are disappointment to Ghana. Mahama MUST GO NOW! Mahama kƆ brƐ wo!

Mahama led-government has no vision. How can a government with the people at heart go for a loan to buy pad for students whiles students and pupils are still schooling under trees and in deprived classrooms? Misplaced priorities by Mahama led-government is evidence of non-performance NDC government.

Fishing industry in Ghana is in a total collapse. Our fisher folks are still facing the issue of pairtrolling in the country. Licenses are given to foreign vessels without proper measures taken to ensure to check their harvest and in that act our waters are virtually left with no fishes. The government must must look at the issue and solved it now. Our representative in parliament, Hon Afenyo-Markin, we urge you to look into the pairtrolling issue than loaning the fisher folks outboard motors and nets. Tackle problems from their main sources and stop burden the people with more problems.

PPP want the government, the president, to make all effort to push the constitution for its amendment to enable Ghanaians to elect their M/DCEs. And also to remove the arm of government from parliament to enable the legislature to do proper checks on government officials: Separate the attorney general from the executive to fully empower her department to prosecute corrupt public officials.

PPP will forever wake up to the call until proper and best system is put in place to manage the affairs of this country – Ghana. We therefore urge all that share same sentiments to join hands with us come Saturday 19th July, 2014 to demonstrate against corruption, mismanagement and misplaced priorities by the ruling government.

Thank you all

Afedzie, Charles Rasmond
Constituency Secretary