Dr. Apraku Redefines Productivity To Labour Union

Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku a presidential hopeful extend his greetings to the TUC and labour union and congratulated his rival Nana Akufo Addo for been nominated as the most influential person. However, he went on to redefine and correct the meaning of productivity by Mr. Addoquaye a labour Union official from TUC.

Mr. Addoquaye who spoke on etv programe awake with the host Rashida by saying that productivity is when a worker for instance a typist is able to finish her typing within a certain period and therefore he/she is qualify to receive a certain amount of salary of a graduate who is a typist in the same office. He was speaking on the topic ‘fair distribution of the national cake’.

Also, when it was the turn of Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku of the economic issues in the country and his presidential ambition, he said, productivity is output less time. Meaning productivity is output divided by time. He related the definition of productivity by saying that ‘his productivity will be judge base on the voting confidence people have in him.

Touching on his achievement as the minister of state he said ‘he made significant improvement as the minister’. Rashida went on to ask by asking him who is the likelihood person to be selected? He said, the one the delegates will repose their confidence in him, and he believe that he is the one they have chosen.

With the image of the party he said, we cannot pretend as a party that everything is okay. He said, the image of the MP’s put up at their constituency level is very important. He made it clear to the public and Ghanaians that he is coming as the president to transform the agriculture and energy sector as well. He did not neglect the economic and social policies he has as a vision for this nation. He said, ‘a rising tide lift all boat’.

Moreover, he made it clear by saying that NPP government laid a solid foundation with the first four years, therefore, investors had confidence in the economy and this boasted the economic fortunes of their time. To him we have all the resources in the world but still remain poor. He said, nothing happened by chance but with a reason.

Rashida (etv host) asked do you believe with Sir John if he says suro delegates, because you were unfairly treated at the national delegate congress. He said, you have to be cautious of what delegates tells you.

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