CHRAJ Mobilizes Ghanaians In Fight Against Corruption

Religious and traditional leaders are being targeted, among other interests, for implementation of a national anti-corruption action plan, focused on sensitizing people from the community level. The Commission on Human Right and Administrative Justice is spearheading the initiative following parliament’s approval of the plan to be executed over ten years.

Officials say it is part of a shift from what they describe as the traditional way of identifying and reporting corruption which has made little impact.

CHRAJ is currently on nationwide mission to interact with targeted individuals and groups on how to make the fight against corruption work.

At one of the fora for Muslim leaders in Kumasi, Deputy Commissioner, Richard Quayson, noted Ghanaians have lost faith in law enforcement agencies in the fight against corruption.

He is however confident greater collaboration among all sections of the citizenry will make the desired impact.

Mr. Quayson tells Luv News individuals must cultivate the virtues of integrity and trustworthiness and live them if the war can be won.

‘If the individual can recognize that our way of doing things is not to encourage bribery and corruption it will go a long way to remedy the problem. People must engage on honest platform, people must eschew corruption and uphold integrity, if we can begin to accept that as the way to go it better than relying on government institutions.’He urged.

Ashanti Regional Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Movement, Maulvi, Abdul Wahib Tahir, believes prayer is the way to go in the country’s quest to uproot corruption.

He wants Ghanaians to prioritize it in incessant manner.

‘As Ghanaians whether Muslim or Christian love prayer, and as it is depicted by our annual prayer for the country, we must continuously pray for God’s intervention in the fight against corruption.’ He implored.

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