Vigilant toilet attendant saves baby after mother attempt dumping him in toilet pit

The vigilance of a toilet attendant in Bayan-waya a suburb of Tamale in the Northern Region saved the life of a five-day old baby whose mother attempted killing him in a toilet pit.

The toilet attendant, Mohammed Azari said ‘I was performing ablution when I saw a lady holding a paper I didn’t know she was going to enter the toilet until one lady  alerted me that, the lady who had just entered the toilet with a little baby from the look of things was about to do something stupid’.

He said after seeing no signs of the lady after 30 minutes he decided to check on her and see what she was keeping her for so long.

After several knocks on the toilet door received no response, Mohammed said he forced the door open only to see that the lady had dropped the baby in the toilet pit and was using a stick to push him deeper into the fecal matter.

He said after seeing this, he called for others to come and help him retrieve the baby from the pit.

The mother of the baby whose name was only given as Zalia told Joy News she was compelled to kill the baby because the man who had impregnated her refused to take responsibility for the child.

When Joy News contacted the Lamashegu police they said the matter was yet to be brought to their attention.

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