Traders in Wa selling at a loss

Traders pix

Traders pix

Wa, July 15, GNA – Most traders at Wa Central Market say they are selling at a loss as buyers are not patronising their goods due to increases in prices.

‘Prices of commodities are increasing on daily basis and we do not get fast patronage as customers turn away after asking of the prices without buying due to the high increments,’ they said.

A Ghana News Agency’s market survey shows that prices of foodstuff, especially maize, which is the staple food of most people in the Wa Municipality has increased marginally by 50 pesewas as against 2.50 last month.

Millet, another staple food is sold at GH ₵ 4.00 instead of GH ₵ 3.00 last month.

A bowl of cowpea was GH ₵ 6.00 but is currently selling at GH ₵ 7.00, while Bambara beans is now GH ₵ 8.00 instead of GH ₵ 6.50.  

A bowl of groundnut has also increased to GH ₵ 10.00 as compared to the previous price of GH ₵ 9.00.

The price of a maxi bag of polish rice was sold at GH ₵ 150, but has been increased to GH ₵ 170, while a mini bag which was GH ₵ 90.00 is now GH ₵ 92.00.

A bowl of local rice which was GH ₵ 7.00 remains unchanged.

Three medium -size tubers of new yam attracts a price of GH ₵ 10.00 while the big size tubers sell between GH ₵ 5.00 and GH ₵ 7.00.

A bowl of sugar has increased to GH ₵ 10.00 instead of GH ₵ 8.00, while a bag sells at GH ₵ 150.

A bar of key soap which was sold at GH ₵ 4.30 now sells at 4.50 pesewas.

A tin of ideal milk is selling at GH ₵ 2.50 instead of GH ₵ 2. 30, while carnation milk is sold at GH ₵ 2.00 instead of GH ₵ 1.50 as at last month.

The prices of livestock have increased as the price of a small sized goat is sold at GH ₵ 50.00 instead of GH ₵ 40.00, while the big size cost GH ₵ 90.00 instead of GH ₵ 80.00 Ghana.

Guinea fowls increased to GH ₵ 20.00 and GH ₵ 18.00 as compare to last month prices of GH ₵ 15.00 and GH ₵ 12.00.

The price of a big size hen which was sold for GH ₵ 15.00 has increased to GH ₵ 20.00 while the medium size now sells at GH ₵ 18.00 instead of GH ₵ 12.00.


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