Terror ‘Soldier’ Grabbed

Edward Kwabena Botri
The police have apprehended a 34-year-old          self-styled soldier who allegedly uses a military uniform to terrorize residents of Mataheko in Accra.

The suspect, Edward Kwabena Botri, who claims to be a soldier, allegedly uses the uniform to bully residents without being arrested.

He is reported to have even locked a pastor in his shop for several hours; and is feared by residents, having gained notoriety for more than three years.

However, luck eluded him when the Odorkor police managed to apprehend him after he had allegedly fired some gun shots in the area on Thursday, July 10, 2014 after allegedly disconnecting electricity lines of a neighbour following a short misunderstanding.

A search in his room revealed some wooden guns used by school cadets, military accoutrements and other camouflage uniforms for children.

Confirming the arrest to DAILY GUIDE, Chief Superintendent Abraham Acquaye, Odorkor District Police Commander, said the suspect, Botri, for more than three years had been terrorizing people in the Mataheko area with impunity.

Chief Superintendent Acquaye said because residents believed he was a military officer, no one had the courage to report him to the police.

Some time ago, a resident reported that the suspect had locked up a pastor in his (suspect’s) own room after an encounter; but when the police proceeded to the area, the suspect had escaped and the pastor was freed.

According to Chief Superintendent Abraham Acquaye, last Thursday, police had information that a military man in uniform had fired two gun shots in the area, after being confronted for disconnecting electricity lines of some neigbours.

‘Suspect was then arrested and in the course of police investigation, we realized that he was not a military officer but an imposter,’ he revealed.

Residents then maintained that the suspect, who wears military uniform always, had been portraying himself as a soldier and terrorizing them using his ‘position.’

When a search was conducted in his room, Chief Superintendent Acquaye indicated, a military bag, boots, some military belts and uniforms used by school cadets, were found.

Upon interrogation, Botri claimed he teaches cadets in schools and was not a real military man.

He would be sent to court over impersonation.
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By Linda Tenyah

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