Telenovela Has Changed My Marriage – Trader

Telenovelas have been the most captivating series that have caught the attention of most women in the country in recent times. It has been the most popular television program that is viewed and has propelled some market women to send their TV sets along in order not to miss any scene of it.

In Ghana, most television stations compete with each other to showcase the best telenovela for their viewers and to enable them attract advertisers to boost their marketing activities.

Though the show tends to fix many broken marriages, it creates serious problems for husbands whose wives watch the series in their friends’ houses because they don’t have TV decoders.

Some of the telenovelas that came to mind are; A woman of Steel, Maricurz, What life took from me, Second chance, Evaluna, Mara Clara and many others have greatly affected the thought processes of women since they burst on the scene.

Speaking to DAILY HERITAGE one Rita Lano, a trader said “watching telenovela on TV has helped me in my marriage, because, I always put in some of the things which are being done into practice, and it’s really helping my marriage life and I’m so happy.”

While others have found it more advantageous as far as the marriages are concerned, others have also seen it as a nightmare which to them causes misunderstandings in their homes.

Another woman who refused to mention her name revealed to the paper that watching telenovela has brought her marriage to a stand still because she watches the telenovela in their next door neighbor’s house which her husband is not comfortable with, not that they do not have TV set in their room but some of the telenovelas were being shown on multi TV which they do not have.