Second Lady Calls On Librarians To Be Innovative In Accessing Information

The Second Lady, Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur called on Librarians to be innovative and change their mindset as well as skills in accessing information, so the need to be multi talented, researchers, facilitators, coaches and public relations People as well as agents of change.

The second Lady Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur made the statement when she gave her key note address at the 1ST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF (CARLIGH), Consortium Of Academic and Research Librarians in Ghana in Accra on the theme INNOVATION FOR ACCESS TO INFORMATION

The second Lady, Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur, praised CALIGH for the success that they have achieved so far and lauded them for the theme that they chose for the conference, she with the advent of computers and the introduction of new technologies into the library has changed the way libraries are run.

Adding that even though most libraries now have IT personnel as their staff, the use of the Internet requires that the librarian knows how to navigate through the vast mass of literature in order to be able to give users the needed information, So the need to think out side the box.

Mrs. Amissah Arthur said with new technologies and the Internet in particular has changed the way libraries operate, the print to digital migration of content, new access models, new tools and technologies, as well as the economic downturn are all pointing to new ways of doing things in the library.

The Second Lady said scope and magnitude of change occurring in libraries today are very exciting and at the same time daunting and Exciting because it opens the way for the librarian to be adventurous and at the same time creative enough to explore other ways of accessing information, sharing information and more especially in the area of collaboration.

She said the library of this century is now a place where new social relationships are forged and knowledge is created, explored and shared, access to information, therefore becomes of vital importance and the librarian is the most important link and for consortiums to improve communication and relationships across vast fields and can encourage cross discipline cooperation as well as collaboration.

The second Lady said most consortiums use conferences, e-mail lists, websites, e-news letters, social media and video conferencing to communicate.

She said. The SMS mobile phone Malaria campaign by Didier Drogba is an example.

At 9 p. m. the rural poor in La Cote d’Ivoire get a text message that says, ‘its 9 p. m. – are you and your family sleeping safely under your net?’

Giving the Example of the Ghanaian situation whereby In Sogakope health workers use the mobile phone to track pregnant women and give them ante natal information.

She also gave the example of Social media which offers an excellent way to interact in a clear and user friendly manner because a lot of people are using various social media to access information.

Mrs. Amissah Arthur said Social media is now being used to access all kinds of information touching on the use of other technologies (computer and telecommunication) is helping greatly to enhance work in the library.

The chairman for the occasion Dr A B Salifu, who is the director general of Council for Scientific and industrial Research said the Theme for the international conference was appropriate because technology begets development and information technology is the bedrock of every country so the nature of the deliberation would be beneficial to the scientific fraternity and encourage the engine of growth he took the opportunity to congratulated the association for the milestone that they have achieved so far.

Dr Joel Sam, the chairperson of CALIGH said the organization gives the platform for professional discussions and to discuss innovative ways to access information to foster regional dialogue with most of the participating countries at the conference.

He said there are about thirty institutions that are currently affiliated with almost all the universities in the country included.

On her part Dr Perpetual Dadzie. President of Ghana Library association praised the association for the god job done and called on them to make efforts to join the mother association so that they all work for continuous professional training.


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