Kumasi Wesley Girls School Embraces Natural Diet Practices

Most health professionals advice that eating well-balanced foods in their natural states is the best way of eating. Nutritionists and Naturopaths explain that it is always better to eat foods in their raw and natural forms in order to get all the necessary nutrients embedded in them by God. In this line, Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High School has moved a step to adopt the practice of eating right.

The Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High has collaborated with the first ever true wellness center in Ghana, Health Talk Limited led by Dr. Emmanuel Kwame Asenso, to organized a day workshop and exhibition of various Ghanaian local fruits and vegetables, most of which are not known by many as edible.

The one day workshop and exhibition was preceded by a talk on healthy eating, and the need to dwell on foods from the Ghanaian soil.This lecture was held on two occasions, the first day for the Parent-Teacher Association(PTA) and another for the staff of the School.A third lecture which was part of the workshop and exhibition was held for the students.

The workshop gave the students, teachers and other staff members of Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High School the opportunity to explore several fruits and vegetables available in their communities which they can feed on for good health.

Most of the leaves shown at the program were those the people have been seeing in their communities but had never considered them food.Also,the participants expressed shock at the announcement by the Health Talk Limited CEO Dr. Asenso that there are many leaves apart from ones which are commonly used in preparing salads, that can be eaten raw by human beings.He mentioned leaves as that of Cocoyam (Kontomire) and cassava leaves and several others as ones that could be eaten in their raw state and thus can be included in vegetable salads.This he said, and his subsequent chewing and swallowing of pieces of those leaves plunged the many who were there to join him in the act.

The workshop was also used to teach the participants the proper ways of cooking in order not to destroy the nutrients in the food.The participants were also taken through the preparation of drinks from some leaves in their raw state.

Addressing participants at the workshop, Dr. Emmanuel Asenso said Ghanaians have been programmed to eat like the whites and have been deceived by the white man that the blackman’s way of eating is bad and have lured people into eating the artificial foods from foreign countries.

He bemoaned that people who are deemed health professionals in Ghana, who are expected to teach the ordinary people the best way to go about diet, have turned to connive with foreigners to import and promote ” the poisons that are brought into the country as food”.

Dr. Asenso added that it is time the leaders of the country considered the teaching of good eating an integral element in Ghanaian schools, which should start seriously at the basic level.That the teaching of the western style of diet at basic schools is a problem that should be dealt with, but promoting the eating of the local foods and drinks through teaching about them and providing them for the students to eat in the schools, should be encouraged.

The CEO of Health Talk Limited in Kumasi who is a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Detoxification Specialist who has also practiced conventional medicine before stated that his outfit honored the invitation by the authority of Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High school because the school is a female institution, and capitalizing on the system that it is the woman that cooks in the house,it was better that young girls who would grow to be women be taught how to provide good health to their people through food because ”you are what you eat”.

On her part, the Headmistress of Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High School, Rev. Mrs Esi Oduro Asante commended Dr. Asenso and the crew from Health Talk Limited for honoring their invitation and taking them through true health practices, most of which they had never heard of before the workshop.

Rev. Esi Oduro admitted that she had tested the reliance on raw foods and eating the local and traditional foods and affirmed that it is the best way of eating.That knowing that fact and experiencing the positive effect, it was only good on her part as a mother, to create the platform for her colleague workers, parents of the students and the students themselves to get and practice the natural and God way of eating.

Rev. Esi Oduro Asante promised that she was going to start changing the trend of eating at the school to help improve the health of the students and all who take the food prepared from the school kitchen.She added that the school would arrange with the Health Talk Limited to intermittently come to the school for such programs.

Finally,the Senior Prefect of Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High School Ama Serwaah Shela on behalf of the entire students who were seen with element of pure enthusiasm praised the headmistress of the school for organising the program which was unprecedented in the history of schools in Ghana.Miss Ama Serwaah appealed to the Headmistress to continually help the students with such opportunities to help them live healthy.

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