Worry Not, Marriage Won’t Break Us —Captain Planet

At a time when the continued existence of Hiplife trio 4×4, appears threatened by the recent marriage of the leader, Captain Planet, to the former Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone, Uche Ofodile, the group has come out to allay the fears of a break-up.

Captain Planet told Showbiz last week Friday that the group is working tirelessly to “feed their fans with great music” and the last thing that could possibly cross their minds is the break-up of the group because of his wife’s relocation to South Africa.

“I can confidently say that my marriage will not have any negative effect on our brand and no member of the group is relocating.

“It is my wife whose job will take her to new places in the world but officially, we reside in Ghana and this is where we have our home as a couple.

“She is only going to work and will always be back to the country and I will also pay her visits whenever the need arises. We are mature people who understand what marriage is about so I don’t think that it will have a toll on our respective careers. We understand each other very well and know what marriage entails,” he said.

For one who said he strongly believes in the institution of marriage, Captain Planet who recently got back from his honeymoon was hesitant to talk about marriage life and expectations. “So far, so good but I will rather want to talk about the projects the group is involved in”.

As a member of a group who has enjoyed glorious days characterised with the sweeping of many awards, Captain Planet believes that even after a decade of being on the music scene, they are still a formidable group to reckon with.

He discounted claims that his recent marriage would put pressure on Fresh Prince to also settle down since he is the only bachelor in the group.

“Prince is a talented young man who is more concentrated on his career”.

He came to the group’s defense when he was asked about their seeming waning popularity. He confidently talked about how the group had survived the years despite the tides and challenges that came with the “job”.

“4×4 never dies, we rather multiply. We were two and added a member so we are a group that progresses and do not retrogress like other groups that have fallen apart. I laugh anytime I hear such comments because we set a record in the industry that is yet to be broken.

“Ten years, we made back to back hits and no group has beaten that achievement. It should be put on record that 4X4 doesn’t release songs without planning because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Many artistes can’t climb the ladder of success because they release without any consideration because others are doing so. But I don’t think it is a competition,” he said.

Captain Planet told Showbiz that he is currently in Ada with other artistes hoping to find their missing colleague, Castro, who is feared drowned at the Ada Estuary last Sunday. He said Castro is a protégé of 4X4 since they discovered and featured him on their debut album, Siklitele, in 2003 which brought him to public prominence.

He said but for the “nightmare” that the country had been plunged into following Castro’s “disappearance”, the group would have released a new single this week but had to hold on in solidarity with what had happened.

The 4×4 group which is made up of Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey (Captain Planet), Edem Avornyo (Coded) and Prince Tamakloe (Fresh Prince) are currently signed on to Don Jeff Records.

He gave a hint about the release of the video of their new single, Baby Dance, which featured Nigerian artiste, Davido, this month.