VIDEOS: Castro Had JUJU On Him & That Is Why He Got Drowned Says ‘India Man’

We’ve seen and heard several people who claim to have spiritual eyes talk about Ghanaian musician-Castro De Destroyer and Janet Bandu’s disappearance—and it doesn’t seem the chain is about to be broken anytime soon.

According to a self-acclaimed powerful man who went into the underworld and looked into his biggest mirror in Ghana-India Man, Castro does not have any sort of relationship with Maame Water as other spiritualists and pastors have mentioned.

India Man stated on Capital TV that, Castro was taken by the water because he had a JUJU on him—a juju he took from somewhere for his own protection. The man who claims to have abundant spiritual knowledge said, you cannot have juju on you and be crossing or swimming certain water bodies—it will be as if you are challenging the powers of the water.

As usual, he added that, he can lead a delegation to perform a ritual for the water to wash Castro ashore—but Castro is dead, and only his dead body will be washed out.

He insisted that, if anyone says Castro is alive and the person can do whatever to bring him back, the person is a LIAR because Castro is long dead.

Side Note: Among all the juju men we’ve seen, this man seems to have a SWAG…LOL

Watch the videos below…