"Boko Haram Want Whole Nigeria To Become Their Caliphate" – Security Experts Say Terrorists Head South

Reuters Chief Correspondent on Nigeria, Tim Cocks, analyzes current tendencies in Boko Haram’s activities and tries to predict future movements of the Nigerian terrorist group.

In his artcle In Nigeria, Boko Haram-style violence radiates southwards, the author notes how, until the often deadly and devastating attacks affected mostly the northeastern region of Nigeria, residents of the “more prosperous south” reacted with just “a shrug of the shoulders”

However, the feeling of relative security is quiclky fading, replaced by anxiety, as Boko Haram and other violent groups inspired by it “are radiating attacks from their northeastern heartlands” across Nigeria, Reuters correspondent says.

A pattern can be identified in the growing number of attacks allegedly committed by Boko Haram – the network sometimes claims responsibility for some of them via videos, although the information cannot be verified confidently.


The Chief Reuters expert on Nigeria says military offensive operations taking place since May 2013 prompted the terror group to change their habit of “consolidating their power base in the northeast”. Boko Haram doubled their “brutal attacks on civilians” in the north-east, at the same time striking in areas far from their strongholds.Continue reading

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