Ritualist Who Claims Ghana Singer Castro Is Still Alive, Almost Drowned In River While Trying To Save Him

A Prophet in Ghana, who claimed Ghanaian singer Castro is still alive and he could save him, narrowly escaped drowning as he made a daring move to rescue the missing musician.



It was reported on June 7 that Popular Ghanaian Hiplife musician, Castro a.k.a Theophilus Tagoe, died in Ada River while trying to rescue his drowning girlfriend and their bodies were yet to be found.

The prophet, who says he used to live under the sea for 3 years, visited different radio stations in Ghana, screaming that he is able to rescue Castro from Mammy water’s bondage. The prophet was taken to the river by a particular TV network in Ghana, TV3.


After making some incantation in Ada river, he stepped into the river and kept moving forward until he got to a particular depth of the river. Suddenly, an unexplainable thing occurred to him and the ritualist was close to getting drowned.

The man, who felt danger to his life and realised that it could be at stake, turned back and made a quick return to the bank.

Watch the video below: