How I Got Pregnant In SS1, Lost The Child 18 Months Later – Ogun State Lawmaker Reveals

An Ogun state Lawmaker, Hon. Adijat Adeleye Oladapo in a recent interview with City People reveals how she got pregnant when she was in secondary school and how her baby later died at 18 months.


Hon. Adijat Adeleye Oladapo

Hon. Oladapo opens up about what how she handled the death of her child and what she did to change her life.

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“While I was in secondary school, I was a brilliant student. In my primary school I came second best student in our G2 exams but unfortunately, I started moving with some people who were more experienced and exposed than I was. One way or the other, I got pregnant when I was in SS1.

The person who was responsible denied it because I was young and naive. I usually keep to myself a lot. My parents didn’t know I was pregnant after four months and the guy also didn’t know until about 4 months, although he equally impregnated about 2 other girls at the same time. He was a big boy in secondary school, the Senior Prefect, very brilliant.

It all started by exchanging novels and textbooks. I had to leave Akute where my parents stayed to live with my paternal grandfather in Kajola, a small village which was hard for me to endure because the viallage had nothing. I had my baby in December 1991. After the naming of the baby, my family held a meeting and asked me what I wanted to do and I told them I wanted to go back to school. My paternal grandmother was totally against it, simply because she felt it was a waste sending a girl child to school after what I had done but my father was ready to give me another chance which I will forever be grateful for. I enrolled in a school not far from my house because of my baby and I repeated my class.Continue reading

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