Consensus Needed Among Political Leaders To Build A Better Ghana

The founder and leader of New Jerusalem Chapel at Sokoban-Ampeyoo, near Kumasi, Bishop JY Adu, has said that Ghana’s economic, social, and political problems would not end until politicians learn to tolerate and work with each other.

He said the end to problems associated with electricity, water, deaths as a result of road accidents, and economic challenges would go beyound 2014 well into the coming year.

Speaking in an interview, he said ‘the politicians should be truthful to the citizens of this country and they should also consult each other, build consensus and unite the country before we can move forward as one people’.

During a watch-night church service to usher in 2014 on December 31 2013, Bishop Adu delivered several prophecies, some of which include the death of prominent journalists and traditional rulers, continuation of the electricity crisis, and severe economic hardship.

All of the above prophecies and deaths through accidents have come to pass and the melancholic depression the country is going through would not end anytime soon.

Led by the Holy Spirit the man-of-God told the congregation of the New Jerusalem Chapel that the only remedy to the country’s problems is when the politicians put country above personal and parochial interest.

‘There is a missing link in our governance system’ he said. He went on to add that the missing link is the refusal by the political leaders to work with each other to build a prosperous nation.

Bishop Adu said the recently held Senchi Economic Forum could have been a suitable platform to bring together the intelligent brains in all the political parties to share their ideas on how to bring Ghana out of her economic problems, which government officials prefer to describe as challenges.

In his opinion the Senchi Economic Forum was poorly organised, which led to its boycott by the largest opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), which boast of some of the finest brains in this country.

He could not understand why government would not benefit from the expertise of Dr. Muhammadu Bawumia despite the fact that he is a member of the NPP. He is on record to have played significant role in turning around the shattered economy of Zimbabwe.

The clergyman advised government to be very truthful and shy away from propaganda since the habit of telling lies about the state of the economy would not make the country’s situation any better.

Bishop Adu also appealed to the government to take a second look at the nation’s tax system, which he said is not friendly to the business community.

He said the unbearable taxes would only lead to the collapse of industries and businesses, especially those that are in their embryonic stages.

He added his voice to calls on the government to expand the tax net to be able to get more income earners to pay their taxes and stop the tendency of always increasing taxes.

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