SECURITY CHALLENGES: How Nigerian Government, Military Are Hindering United States Assistance

The Specialist at African Affairs Congressional Research Service, Lauren Blanchard, has accused the Nigerian government and its military of being uncooperative.

Lauren Blanchard

Lauren Blanchard

Speaking on Thursday before the US House Foreign Affairs Sub-committee on Africa’s hearing entitled, ‘Human Rights Vetting: Nigeria and Beyond’, Lauren said the Nigerian government and its military had not been yielding to America’s suggestions which is the main factor hindering the United States of America from rendering effective security assistance to the country, adding that the security relationship between Nigeria and the US was hampered by the lack of cooperation and systemic failure in Nigeria.

Describing Nigeria as “an extremely challenging partner to work with“, Lauren said, despite about N1trn ($5.8b) security budget, the Nigerian troops are not adequately resourced or equipped to counter Boko Haram insurgency and are slow to adapt with new strategies, new doctrines and new tactics.

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