Doe Adjaho Boy Is Hot

A CONCERNED Pressure group, called itself Concerned Citizens of Akasti North District in the Volta Region has raise series of allegations against their District Chief Executive, Hon James Gunu, for been corrupt to the Assembly and showing gross disrespect to the Traditional chiefs in the area, which they are calling on the President to sacked him now with an immediate effect.

The Group leader. Mr. Rebun Kesti at a press conference, over the weekend lamented that, the DCE Mr. Gunu is not a true native of the district and did not merit being the president’s representative in a newly created district like theirs but rather was given the position as compensation.

He disclosed that, the DCE was compensated with the position because of his key role he played for Hon. Doe Adjaho, the currently speaker of Parliament, during the 2012 electioneering campaign, and has not concern about the development of the area as the district continues to suffer from development projects, a position which is not in the best interest of the people.

The perceived concern youth of Ave-Dakpa hinted that, the DCE has demonstrated gross disrespect to the traditional leaders of the area, an action that has forced the latter not corporate with the development of the district.

According to the group, the Hon. Gunu has a company and used his company to supply the Assembly all items used during the 2013 Farmer’s Day celebration which amounts to conflict of interest and a filling station, which supply the assembly’s vehicles fuel.

They claimed that some staff of the Assembly who does not succumb to the illegalities have suffered severe victimization from the DCE an assertion confirmed by one of the staff in an interview.

The angry NDC Activist, further express that, they are not against the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government but would not hesitate to make the party unattractive in the area if the DCE continued to be in office since he is not interested in the development of the area.

DCE’s reaction
Hon. James Gunu, in a telephone chat with DAILY GUIDE laughed over the allegations that he is not coming from the district but rather was compensated for the position, by the speaker of Parliament after supporting him during the 2012 campaign.

The DCE noted, he is a native of the town, so if somebody told the world that he is not a native of the town, then such a person has mistaken, because the district is predominately made up of the Ave and Avenor people, where he is coming from the latter.

On the award of contract to the alleged company that supplied the Assembly items for the 2013 Farmer’s Day celebration, the Akasti North DCE nakedly denied owing any company which was supported by documents intercepted by the paper from the Assembly.

He explain that, the items were supplied by Mix-De Complex Limited and challenged this reporter to do further checks at the Registry General Department to uncover the owner of that company.

Mr. Gunu cited that, he only has a party relationship of the umbrella, with the speaker of Parliament, but not been his man, and wasn’t compensated with the top office post, on the manner that, he throw or help the speaker during his campaign time.

He explained that, the district which is one of the newly created districts about some two years ago has transformed its economic challenges into opportunities to create jobs for the teeming youth in the area aimed lifting the people from their economic shackles,

Mr. Gunu finally said his outfit had seen to it that a two-room warehouse and an adjoining revenue office at Ave-Dakpa market to offer traders safe storage for left-over wares and enhance revenue collection of the Assembly as some of the projects undertaken by his office.

The DCE further challenged the media not to hesitate to come to the district to cross check any allegation leveled against the Assembly since they are ready to corporate with the media for the total development of the district.

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