We Are Not Targeting Northerners – Immigration Service After Arresting Over 200 Illegals

The Lagos State branch of the Nigeria Immigration Service yesterday revealed that after their recent sweep of the state, they uncovered and arrested over 200 illegal immigrants residing in the region.

Comptroller of Immigration in charge of the command, Mr Julius Ogbu revealed the figure during a press meet and described the accusation against the service of targeting Northerners as unfounded.

Reports state that the NIS were helped by the police in this sweep, to make the state safe from terrorists.

Ogbu csaid that they will screen the suspects at the NIS detention centre to ascertain their nationalities, and check their passports and papers before giving a ruling.

He said that his men had arrested the suspect with knowing the actual identity of those involved, he also said about 110 suspects had been deported already to their several home of origins.

This was not done without their home country’s knowing as the NIS had notified embassies on the operation, Ogbu also revealed that none of the suspects where caught with a weapon.

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