Ghana Gov’t Ask Brazil To Deport Ghanaian Soccer Fans Seeking Asylum

The Government of Ghana has asked its Brazilian counterpart to deport over 190 Ghanaian soccer fans seeking Political asylum in the South American Country after being flown to watch the World Cup on government sponsorship.

Police office in the city of Caxias do Sul said that over the past week 200 Ghanaians asked for asylum with the pretext of“fleeing the violent conflicts between different Muslim groups”.

But Ghana’s foreign affairs ministry has contacted the Brazilian government to make sure the Ghanaian fans are sent back home upon the expiration of their visas.

Chief Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kojo Christian told Joy FM “We do not believe that there is any reason that can be advanced to support a request for the grant for asylum as in international law and practice”.

“We’ve made our position clear and its left for the Brazilian government to take a decision on it…, well we prefer they can back to Ghana”,

“Yes (We want them deported) and when their visas expires they have no other business in Brazil and they have to be brought back”.

“They have a return ticket and they have to come back on those tickets and if they choose not to that’s the decision of the Brazilian government to take”

Hundreds of Ghanaians who entered Brazil as tourists to watch World Cup games asked for asylum, police in southern Brazil said on Thursday.