ALERT: Terrorist Plot To Attack Abuja Transport Service Uncovered, Safety Measures Intensified

The Nigeria Police reports about a possible attack on the Abuja transport sector, orders to tighten safety measures in motor parks.

Burnt-out busses after an attack at a bus station packed with morning commuters in Abuja

Burnt-out buses after an attack at a bus station packed with morning commuters in Abuja, 14 April

The Nigeria Police claims that there are reasonable grounds to believe that terrorists are preparing series of deadly attacks on the Abuja transport service. The attacks are alleged to be carried out through suicide bombings, or through the use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) concealed in luggage, bags, cans, and other receptacles.

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Due to this, Abuja residents were asked to stay calm, vigilant and report any suspicious persons, objects, movements or activities to the Security Forces without delay. The Police High Command ordered FCT Commissioner of Police and other CPs in adjoining States to strengthen security measures at major parks around Abuja and its environs.

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