2 Foreigners Nabbed For Stealing 50 Bags Of Cement

Shama Adobo
A Malian and an ivorian national have been arrested by the Teshie District police in Accra for attempting to steal 50 bags of cement from a trader.

The accused, Shama Adobo and Ibrahim Sanago Ndia, were apprehended when they attempted to daze the shop attendant with some whitish substance believed to be cocaine.

They have been slapped with the offence of attempting to steal and would be sent to court soon.

Narrating the story TO DAILY GUIDE, District Superintendent of Police (DSP) Simons Agbodeka, the Teshie District Police Commander, said the suspects were arrested on June 18, 2014 at Adoem, near Teshie.

The two, who are said to be friends, allegedly visited the shop pretending to buy 50 bags of cement.

In the course of the supposed transaction, the accused persons suddenly changed their intent and allegedly removed some chemicals from a small bag and insisted that the attendant sniff it.

As they continued to force the attendant to sniff the substance, the attendant raised an alarm leading to their arrest.

Upon interrogation, both men confessed that they wanted to daze the shop attendant so that they could bolt with the bags of cement.

They were charged with the offence of attempting to steal and would be sent to the Teshie Magistrate Court for prosecution.

By linda Tenyah ([email protected])

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