RCCG STUDENT SAGA: Nigerian Parents Abuse their Authority Over Their Children, A South Africa-Based Nigerian Complains

A Nigerian based in South Africa has come out to shared her story of having a fair share in the “parent-child-discord” as she reveals her odd relationship with her mum asserting that a good number of Nigerian parents are the root of many evil-rooted thoughts of their children towards them.

In light of the story about the RCCG student that killed his father, and the response to it by comedian: Wale Gates, I will like to share a little bit of my story to educate many parents on the dangers of abusing their power and authority over their children, I believe there are a lot of people with stories similar like mine will have the courage to speak out after they read my story, and they will also realize that they are not alone in their experience.

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While the action of the RCCG student was despicable and evil, the truth of what led to it may never be known, but I believe there is an opportunity for a lot of people to learn from that unfortunate story about how parents can sometimes push their children to the extreme limits. While my experience did not end up a tragedy as that of this unfortunate young man, I believe it might have had the same underlying tone and pattern.Continue reading

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